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Filmmaker swims 5.86 miles in the Hudson to fundraise for her Alzheimer’s doc.

Hello Friends!

I’m doing the Little Red Lighthouse  5.86 mile swim Saturday September 26th in the Hudson River for FUN !!!? …but also as a joint fundraiser for both:

1. the production of our upcoming Alzheimer’s documentary, “Forget Me Not”.  Here’s a song from the doc that Jon Pousette-Dart and I wrote with Jamie Kyle for you to check out while you’re here! (click “Listen-Who I Am”  link way at the top of the page above the banner)  It’s getting great reviews!

2. for the Manhattan Island Foundation  (Founded as a 501c3 in 1993, the Manhattan Island Foundation (MIF) organizes the swim events to help further its goals of supporting and expanding public Learn-to-Swim programs throughout New York City, particularly those that serve at-risk youth, as well as raising awareness of the waters that surround New York by supporting efforts to clean and protect them.)

Donations may be made online (preferred), by mail, or via wire transfer and it’s tax deductible. Online donors should follow the directions below to ensure that their gifts are credited correctly.

Go to the donate form for Dawn Young at:

    Click “Donation” link on User Pre-Register page
    Click “Make a Donation” link
    You will be selecting the event “Little Red Lighthouse Swim”  and   “support a swimmer”  (that’s me)

thanks so much for your support!!!

Dawn Young

Who I Am.mp3 Who I Am.mp3


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Interview with Prof. Jean-Paul Vonsattel at the NY Brain Bank

The New York Brain Bank (NYBB) at Columbia University was established to collect postmortem human brains to meet the needs of neuroscientists investigating specific psychiatric and neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. When a human brain has been donated and sent to the NYBB, Prof. Vonsattel and other M.D. establish a diagnostic using half of the brain, while preparing and conserving the other half for further neurological research.

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Brain Training

Check out for free brain games to improve your brain performance!

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