Danger to the Community???

This is outrageous!

This article comes from “The New Old Age” blog on the New York Times website. A community in Woodbury, Minnesota has a contingency in opposition to the development of a proposed assisted living facility specialized in dementia care. Only about 50 residents signed the petition, citing that the facility and the dementia patients would pose a threat to neighborhood children.


Sounds like those kids need to be exposed to an older generation, and badly! If anything, this community seems to be afraid of something they know little about. Assisted care facilities that specialize in dementia are vital to many families dealing with Alzheimer’s. (Anyone who has had a loved one with Alzheimer’s knows it affects entire families.)

See the full article here and let us know what you think. While appalling, it confirms the need to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s, which is one of the goals of the film Forget Me Not. What are some other ways to potentially educate communities about this disease that’s only going to continue to affect our growing number of senior citizens?



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