Isle of Capri: A Song of My Mother at WILLiFEST

Hi Friends and Film Aficionados!

We got into the Williamsburg International Film Festival !

screening this Saturday Sept 25th at 11 am.

ISLE of CAPRI: A SONG of MY MOTHER 9 min, 2010

Filmmaker Dawn Young’s mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease so she and her husband, Jon Pousette-Dart, find a way to enhance her existence and that of her housemates through music and the evocations that it brings.

After nearly two decades in the business of acting, modeling and voice-over work, Dawn Young decided to move to the other side of the lens and create documentaries shining light on topics about which she felt passionate and informed through personal experience. Her first venture was the story of her son’s unlikely rise to legendary status in the world of Olympic water polo. Wolf Wigo, a NYC boy had a dream to be on the US Olympic water polo team and overcame both geographical and physical obstacles until through practice and persistence made his dream come true 10 years later.

This inspiring documentary was accepted into nearly 40 film festivals and won several awards including Best Documentary and Emerging Filmmaker Awards. Her second film project deals with Alzheimer’s disease inspired by her grandmother and mother’s having succumbed to it’s ravages. Ms Young has again chosen the uplifting view point of empowerment, giving caregivers and patients alike practical and helpful ideas and uplifting strategies in dealing with living with the disease from involvement with the arts of all kinds to proper diet and exercise which have been proven to help tremendously. This is the worldwide premier of the short film which is part of the upcoming feature length version in progress.

Here’s the link to all the details for Saturday’s screening…

Hope to see you there!


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One response to “Isle of Capri: A Song of My Mother at WILLiFEST

  1. Lisa Howells Rohrbaugh

    Dear Dawn, Oh how blessed you are for all the work you have put into Alzheimers. Brings back so many memories. You are one amazing cousin (as they all are). I pray for you and your family that God keeps you all healthy and full of His Grace. Love You.
    Lisa Rohrbaugh


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