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Another Festival Finalist!

We are finalists in yet another film festival!

The Lifetree Film Festival just announced that our short film, “Isle of Capri”, is a finalist in their film festival. The sponsor of the festival is Lifetree Cafe, an organization which helps communities create forums for relaxed meetings and conversations about the stories of our lives and the stories of the world around us. What better conversation to have than one about Alzheimer’s, a disease that affects so many people and which directly or indirectly touches all of our lives and all of society!

The festival will screen on May 21st, and we’ll be sure to let you know the results. If any one of you readers will be in or around Loveland, Colorado, you can even attend! Go to Lifetree films for more information about the festival and Lifetree Cafe to learn more about Lifetree Cafe itself.

It seems Spring is officially here! Have a wonderful week! Wish us luck at the festival!


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