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Support our IndieGoGo campaign!

We have launched a campaign to raise the funds for the editing of our documentary, Forget Me Not!

There are various levels of donations with perks for each donation level. Help us out to reach our goal of $20,000!

Here is the link to our campaign page…check it out!

here’s the link to a music video of an award winning  song we wrote for the film called “Who I AM”


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Our short doc at the Art of Brooklyn Film Fest !

Award-Winning Documentary Short,
“Isle of Capri: A Song Of My Mother”
To be Screened: Aug. 27th @ 4:30pm

Young and Running Production’s, award-winning documentary short, “Isle of Capri: A Song Of My Mother”, will screen in NYC at The Art of Brooklyn: a festival of film, music & art being held at the St. Francis College Theater located at 180 Remsen Street in Brooklyn on Sat. Aug. 27th at 4:30pm.  Meet the filmmakers and take part in the Q&A !

To see a short music video of a song written specifically for this documentary, go to

For more information on the festival, visit

To learn more about Young & Running Production’s upcoming feature visit,

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease to a family member is devastating. Past history between you is erased and there is no longer a keeper of past records. This long goodbye doesn’t have to be considered a “death sentence” but rather can be viewed as a process of “living with an illness” since there’s a lot a caregiver can do to enrich these years.  Filmmaker Dawn Young enhances her mother’s life through music. This short film shows how listening and entering their world, where ever that may be at the present moment, instead of forcing them into our present reality works best  Thanks to music and the songs of her mother’s youth, the filmmaker is able to open the door to the far away remembrances of the past once again, find her mother who is touched by Alzheimer’s disease and intimately share the last years of her life until their final moments together.

Isle of Capri has been featured at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival and the “WilliFest” both in September 2010 and The Life Tree Film Festival May 2011 where it  won “The Best Short Lifetree Film Award”.

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