Dawn Young and Jon Pousette-Dart Featured in Columbia Journal


Recently, Dawn and Jon Pousette-Dart were interviewed for an article for the Columbia Journal called, “Get Real: More Than the Title of a Song.” Written by Carla Stockton, who writes a semi-weekly piece about life in Manhattan for the Columbia University publication, “Catch and Release.” it features some great information on all of Dawn and Jon’s history, as well as new projects that are on the way.

Read the write up here: (http://catchandrelease.columbiajournal.org/?p=4466)

Ms. Stockton, nonfiction editor of Issue #53, is a lifelong on-and-off New Yorker, who, after living for 13 years in exile in the southwest desert, brings a returnee’s perspective to the city. As a fully licensed sightseeing guide, she has a particular intimacy with the area and is never reluctant to share it with others. Carla’s semi-weekly column will discuss people, places and events in and around Manhattan. Follow her here.


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