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Free Brain Games – No gimmicks

Solve fun word jumbles

Word scrambles are brain-teasing fun. They are challenging to finish, but incredibly satisfying at the same time.Now, you don’t have to wait for the newspaper to solve a fun word scramble. You just need to go online.The Daily Jumble should bring back memories of your local newspaper’s comic section. There’s a new puzzle every day.  
You can also play other Jumble games. Just look in the area marked More Jumble Games. There’s Jumble Crosswords and even a Jumble just for kids.Nothing stimulates the mind quite like a challenging word game. These games are both fun and addictive. They’re great when you only have a few minutes to

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Brain Training

Check out for free brain games to improve your brain performance!

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Brain Games!

All it takes is one glance at a tabloid magazine to see how youth-obsessed our culture is.  Botox, liposuction, anti-wrinkle creams, Crest Whitestrips, tanning salons, slim quick diets–many will stop at nothing to look ten years younger.  While we try chasing youthful looks, why don’t we also try to maintain a youthful mind?   Though botox treatments may cost thousands of dollars, brain games to maintain your mind are less than $0.40 a day while some are FREE.  Try out these three brain training programs to keep your mind young and running!

  • Lumos Labs $10/month
  • HAPPYneuron $10/month
  • FREE :

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Keeping Your Brain Young

Alzheimer’s disease undoubtedly drenches many American families in worry, loss, and a sense of desperation. With ominous statistics published every year, a question lurking in the back of everyone’s mind is: What can I do to prevent Alzheimer’s in my life? While the cause and treatment of Alzheimer’s are still unknown, there are seven simple steps you can take to keep your brain young.

1) Aerobic Exercise is the Way to Go!

  • As we age, the connections between the neurons in our brain begin to fall apart, impeding our ability to think.  Aerobic exercises increase capillary development in the brain, enabling more blood (and oxygen) to reach the brain.  Many doctors recommend a combination of aerobic exercise and weight training to sharpen your brain at any age!

2) Better Food, Better Brain

  • What’s the big deal with antioxidants?  They neutralize harmful free radicals which break down the neurons (the cells central to our ability to think) in our brain.  Eating a colorful plate and avoiding foods which put you at risk for other diseases, like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, will rev up your ability to think and respond faster.

3) Exercise Your Mind–Literally

  • You wouldn’t be able to get six-pack abs without sit-ups, Pilates, or some hard time at the gym, would you?  The same rule applies for your brain: exercise the noggin to keep your brain young!  Exercising your mind is as easy as learning something new.  Tease your brain with a puzzle, an electronic brain game, or engaging yourself in a hobby to put your brain in learning mode. 

4) Take a Breather

  • Everything is good in moderation, right?  The same applies for stress.  Chronic stress overwhelms the hippocampus, the part of the brain where memories are formed.  Stay calm and keep cool through exercise, yoga, meditation, or your own relaxing exercise to save your memory center!

5) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  • Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that those who get a good night’s sleep are able to synthesize complex information better than those who don’t catch their Zzz’s.  Who knew that a night of rest improves your ability to think creatively?!

6) Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

  • Humor stimulates our brains to produce dopamine, the famous “feel-good” chemical that we crave like chocolate bars.  Studies have found that this stimulation may indeed make us smarter!  

7) Wisdom with Every Day

  • With every day, we become better synthesizers and integrators of information.  Your brain is your very own google engine, able to search and access the millions of events, social scenarios, and facts you’ve recorded throughout your life, as you age.  Another day older, another day wiser!

Keep your brain young with these simple steps, courtesy of William Speed Weed and Reader’s Digest.

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