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“Who I Am” WINS Best Music Video at the Golden Egg Film Festival!

*Update 11/17/14* – The music video for “Who I Am” has WON “Best Music Video” at the Golden Egg Film Festival! Congratulations to everyone who was involved for all their hard work and dedication to the production of this video!

Our music video of the song “Who I Am”  written by Jon Pousette-Dart, Jaime Kyle and myself and performed by Jon and Jaime. It has been selected to be screened at the Golden Egg Film Festival on May 4nd, 2014 in Cancun, Mexico! Check out our nomination in the nominations section on the Golden Egg Film Festival website —–>



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“Who I Am” music video screens in 2 more festivals!

Our music video “Who I Am” on the subject of Alzheimer’s disease sung by Jon Pousette-Dart and Jaime Kyle will be screening at the BostonFilmFest  in their Shorts Program 1,  Saturday, October 26  at 12 noon,  in Theater 1 at the Revere Hotel,

Also on the schedule for “Who I Am”       is a screening at the Big Apple Film Festival in New York City  Thursday, November 7th,  9:30PM  as part of the group Short doc  #1 at the Tribeca Cinema Image 54 Varick St.

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“Isle of Capri: A Song of My Mother” screening Tomorrow!!

Come and end Women’s History Month the right way by stopping by Ooba Lounge in Brooklyn to view my Award Winning short film, “Isle of Capri: A Song of My Mother” tomorrow, Tuesday March 26, 2013.

Isle of Capri: A Song of My Mother” is a short film showing how music can uplift the lives of Alzheimer’s patients and allow caregivers a meaningful experience with their loved ones.  When my mother was diagnosed with this disease my husband, Jon Pousette-Dart, and I found a way to enhance her existence and that of her housemates through song.

This Women’s History Month event will also feature other award winning short films, two poets, documentaries, a stand up comedian, and a comedic comedy sketch .

Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

Below are full details about the event:

Women’s History Month Event

Ooba Lounge 617 Grand St. Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

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Caregiver Bill Batson’s loving watercolor tribute to his Dad

PWC_Nov-181-421x600Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Batson who has painted a daily watercolor sketch of his father who is living with Alzheimer’s disease. Here is an article that Bill posted in the Nyack News & Views.

“Every morning for the last year, I have created a watercolor portrait of my father, William Prime Batson. I started the project on his 90th birthday on October 22, 2011. On Sunday, October 21, 2012, I completed my 366th painting.

Physically, my father is robust: cognitively he is in decline. He doesn’t know my name, or our relationship, but the bond between us is strong. He seems to particularly enjoy our 6:00 am portrait painting sessions. You can’t see his eyes in any of my paintings because he is concentrating on the delicious breakfast I serve: hot cereal with apples and prunes, toast and juice.

Here is a selection of my favorite pieces from the 366-day tribute.”

to read more click this link:

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“Who I Am” music video screens in the Garden State Film Festival

Garden State Film Festival Showing of “Who I Am”Our music video, “Who I Am”, has been selected by the Garden State Film Festival and will be shown on March 25th 2:30pm at the Asbury Park City Council Chambers. As an independent filmmaker, whose own mother and grandmother suffered with Alzheimer’s, I sought an alternative way to help my mother and I deal with this devastating disease. Along with my husband Jon Pousette-Dart, I embarked on a journey to find a way to enhance my mother’s, and her housemates’, existence through music and the evocations that it brings. As an outcome, Jon, Jamie Kyle and I wrote and produced the multi award winning music video “Who I am,” which will be included in the upcoming documentary “Forget Me Not.”

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Other Venice Film Festival

The “Who I Am” music video is an Official Selection at The Other Venice Film Festival. The video will show at 9:00 PM tonight as a part of the festival’s “Music Videos Night.”

The festival is at Beyond Baroque (681 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA 90291) and runs from Oct. 13-16.

“Who I Am” shines a light on Alzheimer’s, an increasingly prevalent and heart breaking disease in which the victim gradually forgets personal history, how to function in society and how to survive. ‘Who I Am’ is performed by Jon Pousette-Dart.

If you can’t make it to Venice, CA, see the award-winning video on Youtube:

We have also entered the final TWO weeks of our IndieGoGo campaign for our feature-length documentary on Alzheimer’s, “Forget Me Not.” If you can please make a donation here: We’ve got a lot of great rewards for supporters and really need your help to put the finishing touches on this documentary!

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Jon Pousette-Dart Performs at Congressman Hall rally

Check out video of Jon Pousette-Dart (Pousette-Dart Band) performing at the Congressman John Hall Rally last Saturday.

Today is election day, so hope you remembered to VOTE!

Jon Pousette-Dart is the musical director / composer / artist on both our short “Isle of Capri”  and feature length “Forget Me Not” documentaries

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