Listen – “Who I Am”

Update: New music video for “Who I Am” released.

This new song will be featured in the documentary short we are currently working on called, “The Isle of Capri.” I have been living with Alzheimer’s the past couple of decades first with my grandmother and than my mother. My personal experiences in dealing with my mother’s illness inspired my husband Jon and I to write this song.

Singer/Songwriter Jon Pousette-Dart will be working on the musical score for the upcoming  feature-length documentary. He composed the score for my previous film “Beneath The Surface: A Water Polo Documentary.”

I hope you enjoy the song and please check back for further updates on the documentary.

– Dawn Young


6 responses to “Listen – “Who I Am”

  1. Dan Glickenhaus

    Looking forward to seeing this film when it’s done (as well as hearing the rest of the music…)


  2. Lisa Howells Rohrbaugh

    Oh this song is so beautiful. When I closed my eyes I was taken way back to Maple Street and the farm. So so so many good memories. I will come back to this web page often. I miss so much my childhood years with Grandma and Aunt Doris.


  3. Dawn Young

    Thanks Lisa! Please share the website with our other cousins and relatives.


  4. Really enjoyed hearing Jon’s and your song. Lovely. Good luck with the film and good to hear from you again!



  5. Cindy (Baker)

    So so beautiful…made me cry. Hope Aunt Sally can hear it up in Heaven.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.


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