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“Who I Am” receives a new award!

Laurel-AWARD-OF-EXCELLENCEOur music video  of the song “Who I Am”   http://wp.me/ptiX7-8o  written by Jon Pousette-Dart, Jaime Kyle and myself and performed by Jon and Jaime  has been honored again!  The International Film Fest for Environment, Health & Culture-Jakarta, Indonesia will screen the video during their festival in May.  http://internationalfilmfestivals.org/EHC/winners.htm  (scroll down to “Documentary Shorts”)

On the subject of Alzheimer’s and my experience with my mother, the song highlights the journey traveled by those who have lived with a loved one experiencing “the long goodbye”.   Hopefully this attention will raise awareness of the need for more answers in the search for causes and cures for the  ever increasing appearance of this disease.



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‘Isle of Capri’ – official IFFM selection, screening in NYC this weekend

Our award-winning documentary short, “Isle of Capri: A Song Of My Mother” will screen this weekend in the Cinema Shorts section at the International Film Festival of Manhattan.

WHEN: Sunday, Nov. 13th @ 4:00pm
WHERE: Quad Theater, 34 13th Street, New York City

Make sure to come out and see the film on the big screen! There will also be an opportunity to meet the filmmakers and take part in a Q&A!

In “Isle of Capri,” Filmmaker Dawn Young and her husband, singer/songwriter Jon Pousette-Dart, enhance her mother’s life, and that of her housemates, through music. Thanks to the songs of her mother’s youth, the filmmaker is able to open the door to the far away remembrances of the past once again. Dawn is able to find her mother who is touched by Alzheimer’s disease and intimately share the last years of her life until their final moments together.

Isle of Capri has been featured at the Martha’s Vineyard Film
Festival, the “WilliFest” in Brooklyn, the NY/LA Film Festival, The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, and The Lifetree Film Festival where it won “The Lifetree Film Award”.

To see a short music video of a song written specifically for this documentary, go to http://youtu.be/rgLBkJISsYk

For more information on the festival, visit www.iffmnewyork.com.

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Eat, Sing, Love

What can you do to keep a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s with you in the present?

Become part of their past.

Step into their world, 40, 50, 60 years back in order to participate in their lives.  Studies have shown that preparing their favorite meals and participating in the presentation of these meals is a great way to encourage your loved one to eat while keeping a memory alive.  Also try music therapy, playing songs from their generation, to engage their memory.  The sense of hearing persists through different stages of Alzheimer’s disease, memories of tunes from their times endure the disease.  Lastly, Michael Cheang, an assistant professor of family and consumer services at the University of Hawaii, reminds loved ones that touch is another sense which is particularly valuable when verbal and visual communication lose their effectiveness.  As Cheang states, “It’s a basic human element. We all love to be touched, hugged, to feel secure.”   So eat, pray and love, cooking their favorite meals, singing their favorite songs and showing love through contact.

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“Who I Am” – a new song by Jon Pousette-Dart, Dawn Young and Jamie Kyle

This new song will be featured in the documentary short we are currently working on called, “The Isle of Capri.” I have been living with Alzheimer’s the past couple of decades first with my grandmother and than my mother. My personal experiences in dealing with my mother’s illness inspired my husband Jon and I to write this song.  Jon and Jamie’s voices blend beautifully in the performance!

Singer/Songwriter Jon Pousette-Dart will be working on the musical score for the upcoming  feature-length documentary. He composed the score for my previous film “Beneath The Surface: A Water Polo Documentary.”

I hope you enjoy the song and please check back for further updates on the documentary.

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