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“Aging with Grace” supports Alzheimer’s

We had an amazing interview yesterday with Patricia Grace who created and heads up her company “Aging with Grace” with headquarters in the Philadelphia, PA area. Patricia and I are both Temple University graduates and I recently became aware of her involvement with care of the elderly and her interest in the area of dementia.  Patricia had enlightening insights about the very important role of caregivers, both personal and professional,  as well as other important aspects of living with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).  Having personal experience with family members living with the disease we are both on the same page of understanding the critical importance of knowing what to do and what not to do in caring for our loved ones who have been affected by AD. We will be sharing this knowledge in our upcoming documentary “Forget me Not” which is in production now.

Patricia and her organization are  working side by side with an organization called “Emeritus Senior Living ” to ensure the quality of the prospective residences  and their staff.  W e will talk more about their work in a future post.


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New Theory on the Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease

The AARP Bulletin last week included an article on a new theory that Alzheimer’s disease stems not from sticky plaques in the brain, but from free floating proteins. The research could potentially prove that the sticky plaques are in fact protecting the brain from these harmful proteins, not causing Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists are currently developing drugs to attack these proteins and limit their production within the brain, though the research is still being tested on lab mice.

Aalthough it will be a while until humans benefit from this research, the article is insightful and promising! Check it out!

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NWIFT Designing Women Awards

Check out this article about the New York Women in Film and Television’s 2010 Designing Women Awards in New York City. Filmmaker Dawn Young and the Forget Me Not documentary are mentioned!

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